Stained glass artist
Workshop-gallery of LLC Domini Canes at Katariina käik in Tallinn
Katariina käik -- small craftsmen street in old town of Tallinn (Photo from page:, A. Tšubrik)Workshop-gallery of Domini Canes at Katariina käik (Photo from page: Domini Canes' window with small stained glassesLogo, designed by Dolores HoffmannIn the gallery has presented a variety of art. To the medieval walls suite ideally historical techniques -- oil painting, fresco, tapestry
Sculptures find the place in the gallery as wellAll walls are in useMaster Artur PaluMaster Joosep Niitvägi
Project of Georgia, Bathumi 2010–2012
With leaders of the Fund for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage of Georgia. Executive Director Archil Gogsadze (on the right, back), architector Vaja Orbeladze (middle, front)
Highlights of creative bibliography of Dolores Hoffmann
July, 2012. Metropolitan of Tallinn and all Estonia Stephanos in Maarja Magdaleena Church in Haapsalu blesses the artist and her creations. Photo: L. KokkDecember, 2011. At the meeting with Head of Government of Adjara, Levan Varshalomidze, confirming the continuation of cooperation. Georgia, Batumi. Photo: K. Reinup
February, 2010. At  reception of Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili. Georgian-Estonian co-operation begins. Photo: K. Reinup